How does your give back credit program work?

We reward conscious shopping! When you're done with your items we would love to have them back. When you Give Back your items you will receive a 10% Give Back Credit of the current item price. Once your items are received at our warehouse, they will be processed and you will receive your credit via email.

Do I have to pay shipping to return my give back items?

Our goal is to make participating in our give back program easy and convenient, therefore we do not charge a shipping fee for Give Back returns.

When I mail my items back, how long will it take to receive my credits?

Your items will be processed once they are received at our warehouse. Please allow 5-7 days for your credits to appear in your email inbox.

What do you do with the items that I give back?

Great question! Our circular mission is focused on keeping items in use for as long as possible, ensuring they are properly managed through to end of life. Every item that is “given back” is carefully inspected for damages, laundered and mended before being placed into our preloved program. We guarantee that preloved items are in like new condition that you will be proud to have your family enjoy! For any item you return that is not in saleable condition, we will ensure proper recycling and/or composting - keeping items out of landfills.

Do my give back credits expire?

No! Your credits never expire.

How long do I have to give back my items?

We think of our Give Back credit as lifetime credit, so there is no time limit. You can return your items for Give Back credit at anytime.

Where do I get a free shipping label for my give back?

Just complete your Give Back form and we'll email you a free shipping label.

How do you clean your items?

We promise a "pristine clean!" All of our Pre-Loved garments always pass a “like-new” test & our cleaning technology is safe & state-of-the-art. All of our items are laundered using active agents that are approved for infant use and have “A ratings” from the Environmental Working Group. You can learn more about our Preloved program here.

How does Nature Baby recycle and compost items?

Nature Baby partners with Manymoons to properly manage the end of life of all of our products. A detailed breakdown of each products makeup is recorded within our systems during the buying process in order for our team to be able to properly sort, breakdown, and manage products at the end of their useful life. We primarily carry products made of mono-materials, such wool, linen, and cotton so that composting and recycling is streamlined.

How do I contact someone for questions unrelated to a purchase?

We're here to help! You can click Contact Us or email us directly at circularshops@manymoons.com - our Customer Service team is available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST.

Which items can I return?

Most Circular Shop purchases maybe returned within 30-days of the purchase date.

Is there a fee to return my order?

Shipping charges are non-refundable and there will be a $10 return shipping label fee. Click Contact Us or email us at customerservice@themanycompany.com to start a return.

How do I create an online return?

To request a return, please click Contact Us or email our customer experience team at customerservice@themanycompany.com